About Us

Primrose322 officially launched in February of 2022.  We exist to  to provide affordable clothing that appeals to those who seek a balance between attire that is classy yet comfortable. 

The goal of Primrose322 is that every female- regardless of her age- that wears our clothing will feel empowered in her day-to- day life, that her inner beauty will be reflected outwardly, and she will live in the freedom of being all she was created to be.  

Hi!  I'm Denise Hamilton Searles. Primrose322 is located in the greater Charleston, SC area. The idea of starting Primrose322 became a goal in November of 2021.   
I've always loved shopping!  I love the way that an outfit can visually tell a story about the person who's wearing it.  The opportunity to do something I probably already do too much of and allow other like-minded women to come along for the ride propelled me into stepping outside of my comfort zone and launching my online boutique. 

It’s also significant that the idea for Primrose322 came in my 50th year of life.  As 50 represents freedom and release, I hope that each woman who joins me on this journey will also experience freedom and personal release in her life!
Happy Shopping Beautiful,